Dinghy Rings

Dinghy Rings, a rotating dinghy davit for storing an inflatable dinghy at the stern or bow of your boat. It’s simple, back your dinghy into Dinghy Rings and pull the bow up with the painter. Dinghy Specification Dinghy Rings fit inflatable dinghies up to 3 metres (Bold model 3.5m), with a maximum weight of 50kg (Bold model 60kg) and a distance of 97cm -127cm between the centre of the conical ends to their sponsons (total dinghy width of 130cm to 170cm).
Dinghy Rings are;
● Convenient, easily handled by one person
● Unobtrusive and detachable
● Gentle on your boat and dinghy
● Quick to launch in emergency situations
● Affordable, thanks to a simple and clever design

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